5 of the Best Vegan Christmas Desserts to Make this Season

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This post is dedicated to sharing our favorite vegan Christmas desserts with you. Don’t sleep on making these during the holiday season!

What flavors come to mind when you hear the words, Christmas baking? I know for me, I start thinking of all things, hot chocolate, gingerbread, marshmallows, molasses, peppermint, and more! Read on to get your baking list together of the best vegan Christmas desserts! These can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who follow a vegan lifestyle. Your friends and family won’t be able to tell the difference!

1. Vegan Gingerbread Cake

Snack cakes are the perfect treat to enjoy in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or your favorite tea. This vegan gingerbread cake will be a go-to this holiday season. Click here to take you to the full recipe! In this post, I’ve also shared some helpful tips on where you can purchase certain ingredients, the key ingredients you’ll need along with how to store this cake.

Vegan gingerbread cake with sprinkles.

2. Vegan Magic Bars with a Pretzel Crust

I know you don’t typically think of magic bars when you think of Christmas treats but hear me out. I incorporated Christmas colors into this recipe by using cranberries, crushed pistachios, white chocolate chips, and shredded coconut flakes. In this post, I also cover a little bit of the history behind these confectionary delights. Click here to get the full recipe!

Vegan magic bars stacked on a stack of white plates.

3. Vegan Hot Chocolate Cake

This delicious hot chocolate cake with a toasted vegan fluff topping is sure to be a hit at this year’s Christmas parties! The peppermint extract that I added to the fluff makes me think of hot peppermint mochas from Starbucks (which is my go-to drink of the season). I used aquafaba as an egg white replacement to make the “fluff”. It whipped up so nicely that it has inspired me to see what else I can create with it. Click here to get the full recipe!

Hot chocolate cake with marshmallow topping.

4. Vegan Gingerbread Loaf

This loaf is dense, moist and almost a little spicy from the ground ginger. When my husband tried it, he said it gave him an “old world” feel. When he said that, my mind immediately went to life on the frontier. Think “Little House on the Prairie” vibes. I think it comes from the combination of the molasses and blend of warm spices. I wish you could have smelled the aroma coming from my kitchen while this was baking! Click here to get the full recipe!

Vegan gingerbread loaf on a white, oval plate.

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5. Apple & Bourbon Bread Pudding without Eggs

This apple bread pudding is just what you need for a warm and cozy after dinner treat. It has nice chunks of apples and chopped pecans. The accompanying bourbon glaze is the star of the show and is a component that should not be skipped! In this blog post, I show you how to dairy and non-dairy version of the bourbon glaze. Click here to get the full recipe!

Apple and bourbon bread pudding without eggs.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of our 5 favorite vegan Christmas desserts. Please leave a comment below if you tried any of these and let me know which one was your favorite. Happy baking!

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