What to Eat with Waffles: 14 Ways to Kick Them Up a Notch

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From breakfast to dinner, nothing compares to the texture and flavor of the perfect waffles, but how can you serve waffles that really stand out? Explore all the different ways you can dress up these awesome grids with this tasty look at what to eat with waffles!

What are waffles?

Waffles are an icon of the breakfast table and beyond! They are made from a batter that is cooked between two very hot gridded plates. This gives the cakes tons of crispy divots that are just right for holding sauces, butter, fruit, and more! Wonderfully airy waffles are a breakfast staple but can be enjoyed all day long! Continue reading for our comprehensive guide on what to eat with waffles.

Syrup over waffles.

Types of waffles

Most people know the classic sweet breakfast waffles, but these checkered favorites come in many varieties. A few popular types of waffles include:

  • American Waffles: In the U.S. waffles are often made to airy, light, and mildly sweet. This waffle batter uses both egg yolks and whipped egg whites to build richness and fluffy texture in the final cake.
  • Belgian Waffles: These waffles are known around the world! There are actually two common kinds of waffles in Belgium, Liege, and Brussels waffles. The Liege waffle is the most well-known around the world. They’re made with a thick dough speckled with pearls of sugar that bake into sweet air bubbles. We recommend using a Belgian waffle maker to make these.
  • Cornmeal Waffles: Cornbread is an awesome alternative to traditional waffles. They’re made from a cornbread-like batter and have a balanced mildly sweet and savory flavor. Cornmeal waffles are a great choice when you want waffles for dinner!
  • Potato Waffles: These are a less common type of waffle, but they are the perfect savory option to try when you’re craving waffles for dinner!

What to eat with waffles

All waffles are truly delicious, but the only way to turn them into a full meal is with the right pairings. One of the best things about waffles is how versatile they are. From sticky syrups to savory toppings, we’ve got you covered. Try these delicious foods that go with or on top of waffles to make your plate complete!

  • Syrup: The classic match-up of syrup and waffles is a breakfast staple! It’s simple but the sweet maple flavor of syrup makes American and cornbread waffles taste even better! Don’t forget to warm the syrup for an extra satisfying bite!
  • Fruit Compote: Fruit compote is made of fruit that is cut into small pieces and cooked with sugar to make a sort of chunky fruit sauce. This sweet and fruity sauce is the perfect thing to serve on top of waffles! The flavors of cooked fruit and sugar make American and Belgian waffles fruity and sweet!
  • Fresh Fruit: Fruit and waffles just make sense! Whether it is fresh strawberries and raspberries or gorgeous slices of fresh melon or apple, the bright juicy flavor of fresh fruit is the perfect complement to this iconic breakfast food! Choose one fruit or many to bring colorful flavor to the top of your waffles!
What to eat with waffles.
  • Caramel: Since waffles and butter go together so nicely it’s only natural to wonder what would happen if you kicked it up a notch with luscious, buttery caramel!? Then you would have the perfect decadent dessert waffle! Caramel sauce is the perfect sweet sauce for drizzling over Belgian or American waffles. 
  • Chocolate: Chocolate is universally loved which means you can’t go wrong with chocolate and waffles! There are a few delicious ways to pair up waffles and chocolate. Try a simple chocolate sauce for drizzling or top a dessert waffle with shavings of dark and white chocolate. Chocolate syrup and other dessert sauces are perfect for use on a waffle-based brunch board. Put the sauces in cups and let everyone scoop or drizzle however they like.
  • Nut Butter: Whether it’s classic peanut butter or fresh and fun macadamia or cashew butter, nut butter can be a very satisfying way to top waffles! The smooth, salty, toasty, and nutty flavors in peanut butter or other nut butters complement sweet waffles, like American and Belgian waffles. Plus, protein-packed nut butters deliver enough energy to keep you going, making this flavor pairing a great option for breakfast or as an afternoon snack!
  • Candied Nuts: If you love nuts but want a little more texture to the top of a waffle, try candied nuts! Sugary roasted nuts, like pecans or almonds, is a great way to add crunch and flavor to sweet and savory waffles. Try candied pecans on cornmeal waffles or warm candied almonds on your favorite sweet waffle for a crunchy and satisfying surprise!
  • Whipped Cream: Delicious sweet waffles need a little cream to give them balance, so whipped cream is the best way to bring these two together. Use fresh whipped cream, canned whipped cream, or even Cool Whip to top your waffles; just don’t forget the cherry on top!
  • Yogurt and Sour Cream: Both yogurt and sour cream bring irresistible tangy flavors to waffles. Topping a waffle with sour cream might sound a little kooky but this deliciously different way to dress a waffle really works! The tangy dairy flavor paired with fluffy waffles will leave you wanting more and if you’re enjoying sweet waffles, swap the sour cream for fresh yogurt to bring some creamy brightness to your breakfast!
  • Ice Cream: Who says you can’t have waffles for dessert!? Try your favorite sweet waffle with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream for a sweet treat you’ll want to eat over and over! Add some chocolate chips or sprinkles to make this sweet treat totally over the top!
  • Eggs: It’s undeniable how well waffles work on the breakfast table, so pairing them with a breakfast classic like eggs just makes sense! Serve a runny fried egg on top of a fresh sweet or savory waffle to turn a simple cake into an indulgent meal. Or put a saucy twist on waffles with eggs by serving your favorite waffle recipe with hollandaise sauce. This creamy and fatty sauce is delicious on top of waffles, especially when they’re part of a big sweet, and savory brunch feast!
Waffles with fried eggs.
  • Cheese: Cheese and waffles are both amazingly versatile ingredients, so why not put them together!? You can mix grated cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese directly into your favorite homemade waffles before cooking. Additionally, you can smear some soft cream cheese on fully cooked sweet or savory waffles. 
  • Bacon: Bacon and waffles are a perfect match! You can press bacon’s crispy perfection directly into the waffle batter while it’s in the waffle iron or just serve it on the side. Any way you choose to work this salty, meaty breakfast staple into your plate of waffles will pay off with so much tasty savory, and sweet waffle flavor! It’s the perfect savory dish.
  • Chicken: Fried chicken and waffles is an American Southern classic and for good reason! The delicious crunchy fried chicken counters the fluffy waffles to deliver layers of texture and flavor! Crispy fried chicken is delicious on cornbread waffles, sweet waffles, and pretty much any type of waffle you like. You can even make a waffle sandwich with these items! Top this classic combo with maple syrup or honey mustard to highlight all the amazing sugary and salty flavors in this perfect dish. Be sure to add this one to your list of great waffle bar ideas! 

One last bite

Don’t be afraid to mix and match what you pair with your waffles! Waffles are light and versatile so the options are endless. If you can’t decide, assemble brunch boards or build a DIY waffle bar with all the best waffle toppings and let everyone go wild! Have fun exploring and putting together wonderful waffle combinations. Waffles are the perfect addition to any special breakfast. Refer back to our guide the next time you find yourself wondering, what to eat with waffles. Comment below and let me know what your favorite waffle toppings are!

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