How to Make this Easy and Healthy Matcha Latte Recipe

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Do you ever crave a refreshing and energizing green tea drink to get you through the day (and one that’s low in sugar)? Look no further than this iced healthy matcha latte recipe! The vibrant green color of this beverage is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also packed with health benefits that will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to tackle anything.

Matcha powder is made from green tea leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. It’s known for its high levels of antioxidants and natural caffeine. When combined with creamy milk and served over ice, it creates a delicious and nutritious beverage that will satisfy your taste buds and is a great way to give you the boost you need to power through your day!

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Adding glass straw to matcha latte recipe.

The recent inflation and rising cost of everything, has made my family and I think twice about what we’re spending our money on. I’m the kind of person who swears that I need to get something from Starbucks every time I go to Target. If I don’t, my shopping simply trip won’t go according to plan (at least that’s what I tell myself to justify it). I’ve since realized how much all that really adds up to. I’m challenging myself to not frequent my local coffee shop or local tea shop as often and to start making more of my favorite beverages at home starting with this healthy matcha latte recipe.

This refreshing drink isn’t just any iced matcha latte recipe. This easy recipe features a delicious and easy-to-make raspberry cold foam. I’ve included directions below under the substitutions section on how to make the cold foam plain in case you aren’t able to get your hands on raspberry sugar-free syrup.

I’m working on adding more easy and delicious drink recipes to the blog. Check out this virgin Moscow mule that I created for Dry January and let me know what you think!

Ingredients You’ll Need

Below are the simple ingredients needed to make this healthy matcha latte recipe.

Matcha latte ingredients.
  • Milk of choice
  • Small amount of water
  • Good quality matcha powder
  • Heavy cream or coconut cream for dairy-free option
  • Raspberry skinny syrup

See recipe card for quantities.

How to Make a Creamy Iced Matcha Latte at Home

I’ve included some step-by-step images and simple steps written out so you can make your own Starbucks matcha latte at home (without all the extra sugar)! I know for me, I love having visual guides. I hope this helps!

Whisked matcha in a small glass.

1. Using a handheld frother, combine cold water or room temperature water and ceremonial-grade matcha powder. Set aside.

Cold foam in a small glass.

2. In a small cup or small bowl, combine heavy cream and raspberry syrup with the same handheld frother.

Pouring matcha over milk.

3. Add milk of choice to a tall glass filled with ice cubes. Pour matcha mixture over the milk. 

Pouring cold foam over iced matcha latte recipe.

4. Top off with the raspberry cold foam. Sip and enjoy!

Hint: Do not over-mix your cold foam. Doing this will make it a bit too thick.

If you love matcha lattes as much as we do, you’ll enjoy this article that’s all about how to make matcha latte taste better! It covers delicious and creative ways to enjoy this wonderful beverage.

What Type of Milk Can I Use?

  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Cashew milk
  • Whole milk
  • Soy milk
  • Oat milk for oat milk matcha lattes
  • Any other plant-based milk of your choice

Recipe Substitutions

Below, I’ve included a few substitution options for keeping this healthy iced matcha latte recipe dairy free, sugar-free and low calorie. The best part about making your own green tea latte is deciding how little or how much sugar to add in it. These minor tweaks make it easy for everyone to enjoy this homemade matcha latte recipe.

  • Dairy Free – instead of using heavy cream, you can use heavy coconut cream which makes a great alternative or any other plant-based heavy creams available on the market.
  • Raspberry Cold Foam – if you’d like a more plain cold foam, I suggest omitting the raspberry syrup and adding in a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and a sugar-free sweetener of choice. You could also use a vanilla sugar free syrup.
  • Low Sugar – to keep this beverage low in sugar and calories, I recommend using a plant-based milk such as unsweetened almond milk. Almond milk typically has only about 30 calories per serving. Almond milk also does not contain any added sugar. Dairy milk on the other hand, contains about 12 grams of sugar per cup. Using a sugar free syrup for your cold foam is another way to cut down on the sugar/calorie content.

Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is not just a delightful beverage; it also offers several health benefits. Here are a few notable advantages of consuming matcha:

  1. High in Antioxidants: Matcha is packed with antioxidants called catechins, which help protect the body against damage from harmful free radicals. These antioxidants may contribute to overall cellular health and support a healthy immune system.
  2. Boosts Energy and Focus: Matcha contains a moderate amount of caffeine along with an amino acid called L-theanine. This combination promotes a calm yet alert state of mind, providing sustained energy and enhanced focus without the jitters or crash often associated with coffee or energy drinks.
  3. Supports Detoxification: Matcha is known to have detoxifying properties due to its high chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll helps eliminate toxins, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals from the body, promoting a healthier internal environment.
  4. Enhances Calmness and Relaxation: The L-theanine in matcha is known to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. It promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain, which helps reduce stress, anxiety, and promote a state of relaxation without drowsiness.
  5. Boosts Metabolism: Matcha has been associated with increased metabolism and fat oxidation, which can aid in weight management and weight loss efforts. The combination of caffeine and other compounds in matcha may help boost the body’s calorie-burning potential.
  6. Supports Heart Health: Regular consumption of matcha has been linked to improved heart health. The catechins in matcha may help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and promote good cholesterol (HDL) levels, contributing to a healthier cardiovascular system.


Some people may tell you that you absolutely need to use a bamboo whisk when making any kind of matcha beverage at home and I’m here to tell you that’s not true. I used the same electric frother to whisk the matcha powder and water together as the one that I used to make the raspberry cold foam.

Storage Tips

Store leftover ingredients (dairy products) and milk of choice in the refrigerator.

Top Tip

Try to get your hand on a ceremonial grade matcha powder. Grocery stores have a very limited selection to choose from so I suggest purchasing online. Use a ceremonial matcha for best results and to really unlock a stronger matcha flavor.


Can I make this as a hot matcha latte instead?

Yes. For this, you’ll want to use hot water when whisking your powdered green tea. For the milk you’ll want to steam it or simply warm it up in a small pot. Assemble the same was as shown in the process images above. Exclude serving over ice.

What is a matcha latte?

It is a caffeinated beverage that is made up of matcha green tea powder mixed with hot water and combined with steamed milk or other milk substitute. Pour milk over ice if enjoying it cold.

Healthy Matcha Latte

Simple recipe for making a healthier, low sugar matcha latte at home. Don't forget to make the raspberry cold foam!
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Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:0 minutes
Total Time:5 minutes
Servings: 1


  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tbsp matcha powder
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream or coconut cream
  • 3 tbsp raspberry sugar free syrup


  • Using a handheld frother, combine water and matcha powder. Set aside. In a small cup, combine heavy cream and raspberry infused syrup with the same handheld frother. 
  • Add milk of choice to a tall glass filled with ice. Pour matcha over the milk. Top off with the raspberry cold foam. Sip and enjoy!


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