Can You Freeze Canned Pumpkin Puree? (A How to Guide)

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What can you do when you open up a can of pumpkin purée and don’t use it all? Find out if you can stretch your holiday provision further by freezing canned pumpkin puree! Follow our how to guide and never have to Google, “can you freeze canned pumpkin puree?” again!

Nothing says holiday season quite like the sweet and savory flavor of pumpkin puree. There’s no better way to use this staple than from a can. But how do you stretch this canned staple even further? By freezing! Find out the cold hard facts on how to freeze this sensational squash with this closer look at everything there is to know about storing canned pumpkin puree!

Can you freeze canned pumpkin puree.

What is Canned Pumpkin Puree?

Canned pumpkin puree is made from a specific type of pumpkin and they’re not the jack-o-lantern pumpkins you might be picturing. Pumpkin puree is made using Dickson pumpkins (the best pumpkins for making puree). They are a small, smooth type of squash with tons of yummy pumpkin flavor. They are also the favorite pie pumpkins and have that familiar autumn flavor!

These small gourds are picked at the peak of freshness, cooked with steam, and then pureed before canning. This makes this common fall flavoring taste fresh while keeping some of the healthy nutrients in the squash. 

Home chefs can crack open a can of pumpkin purée to infuse fall flavor into practically anything! It’s a holiday must-have. In fact, Thanksgiving would be nothing if it weren’t for pumpkin puree! This delicious orange treat is a holiday staple that adds sweetness and color to all your favorite pumpkin recipes such as, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake bars, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, and so much more.

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Can you Freeze Canned Pumpkin Puree?

Yes! Freezing remaining pumpkin puree is a simple and delicious way to ensure that you never run out of that delectably flavored fall season food! Whether you cracked open a can and did not finish it or just want to be sure that you never run out, freezing pumpkin puree for future use is simple to do. It’s just as easy to use as unfrozen puree. 

Around the holidays, there is one place that is truly unhinged and it’s the grocery store! Nobody wants to get caught up in the grocery shuffle when there is so much holiday prep to do. That is why a lot of bakers turn to the freezer for help. 

Freezing common holiday ingredients and dishes can save you a lot of time in the store and in the kitchen, but can it work with previously canned food like pumpkin puree?

Frozen pumpkin puree can last for months and be used in a wide range of recipes. It’s a great option for anyone who constantly craves pumpkin in the off-season. You can freeze pumpkin puree in perfect portion sizes for a variety of your favorite recipes. This will ensure that you always have the right amount of tasty fall flavor at your disposal. 

Can I Freeze Any Kind of Pumpkin Puree?

For the most part, yes! You can freeze homemade, fresh pumpkin puree or canned pumpkin puree using the same methods. 

To get the best flavor out of your frozen pumpkin, use the best quality can of puree, possible. Look for a pumpkin puree made with sustainable or organic methods that have no unwanted additives. Not only will this keep you healthy but it gives you final control over the taste of your pumpkin puree recipes. 

Food Safety Tip

Never use pumpkin puree from a bruised can. Dents in cans give dangerous bacteria room to grow, so always look for pumpkin puree in undented cans that are free of rust. 

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How to Store Canned Pumpkin Puree, Step-by-Step

Storing your favorite canned pumpkin puree is so easy when you know the tricks. There are a few different methods to choose from. Try one of these delicious ways to freeze it:

  • Muffin Pan – A muffin pan or muffin tin is a great way to portion out servings of pumpkin puree that are about ⅓ cup to ½ cup in size. Scoop the puree into a silicone muffin pan or metal muffin pan that is lined with silicone muffin cups. Place the pan in the freezer for about 2 hours or until fully frozen and then take it out. Transfer the pumpkin pucks into a freezer-safe bag and return them to the freezer. This is a great portion size for pumpkin cheesecake or pumpkin bars!
  • Ice Cream Scoop – A great way to freeze the pumpkin puree in small doses is to scoop a little portion of it using an ice cream scoop. Scoop the puree onto a parchment-lined sheet pan and then freeze for about 1 hour. Pull the pan out, transfer the small balls of pumpkin to a freezer bag or container, and then pop them back in the freezer. 
  • Ice Cube Tray – If you like to use pumpkin puree in small portions for recipes like pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin-flavored dog food, try using this tasty trick! Portion the pumpkin puree into a silicone ice tray and then freeze the tray for about an hour or until set. Once they are set, pop the frozen cubes out of the tray and into a freezer bag. Return them to the freezer.
  • Plastic Bag – This is the best way to freeze a whole can. Simply dump an open can of pumpkin puree into a Ziploc bag or freezer-safe container, press out the air, and freeze. If you are using an airtight container instead of a bag, consider pressing a sheet of plastic wrap on the surface of the puree to prevent freezer burn. 

No matter which method you choose, properly frozen pumpkin puree will last up to 1 year. All of these different ways work wonderfully. Choose one that suits your needs and enjoy having the flavor of pumpkin season at your disposal all year long! 

How to Thaw Frozen Pumpkin Puree

Thawing frozen pumpkin puree is even easier than freezing it! Before thawing, always check the puree for discoloration, odor, and other signs of spoilage. Do not worry too much over freezer-burn. A small amount will not harm this already watery veggie. 

Thaw the puree the easiest way by just popping the bag or container into the fridge overnight. In the morning you will have perfectly soft and ready-to-use thawed pumpkin!

If you forgot to refrigerate the puree and need it in a rush, don’t panic. You can thaw it in the microwave or underwater. 

To thaw it in the microwave, heat the puree in the microwave on the defrost setting for up to one minute. Mix the puree after heating to help break up any still frozen clumps and continue heating for up to 1 minute, as needed. 

To thaw underwater, fill a bowl with mildly warm water and place the bag of frozen puree in the water. Let it sit for a few minutes and then massage the bag to feel how frozen it is. Optionally, refresh the warm water and let it sit again, repeating until it is fully thawed. 

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Below are a few of the most common questions asked regarding pumpkin puree:

Can Eating Frozen Pumpkin Puree Make You Sick?

In general, eating properly stored and frozen pumpkin puree is perfectly safe. 
Pumpkin is a perishable food though, so it should be handled with care. This means never leaving it out of a temperature-controlled environment for too long. Additionally, always check it for signs of spoilage before using it. Always label the frozen pumpkin with the quality dates from the can and the date when you froze it. This will make it is clear how fresh the pumpkin is. 

Can I Store Foods Made with Canned Pumpkin Puree?

Yes. Depending on the recipe, you can freeze a dish that has been made with canned pumpkin puree. However, if your puree has been previously frozen, it might not be the best idea to refreeze. Refreezing a previously frozen food can cause a loss of quality, flavor, and texture, so always refreeze with caution. 

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