Do you have a difficult time finding gluten free desserts to enjoy? Try making your own with this easy gluten free persimmon upside down cake! 

They are in season between the months of October and January. Now is the perfect time to make this delicious cake while you still can!

When are persimmons in season?

Gluten free 1:1 flour Baking powder Baking soda Ground ginger Salt Granulated sugar Brown sugar

Dry ingredients:

Vanilla extract Vegetable Oil Sour cream Eggs Butter Persimmons

Wet Ingredients:

GF flour tends to soak up the liquids in whatever it is that you're making. The sour cream helped mitigate this from happening and added moisture to this yummy cake.

Important things to note when working with gluten free flour

I recommend sifting your flour. GF flour has a much different texture than regular all-purpose flour. This has a more crumbly and lumpy kind of texture.

Another helpful tip when working with gluten free flour

Note: the cake itself is not overly sweet but it has just the right amount of sweetness when enjoying each bite with a bit of the persimmon and brown sugar topping.

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