The Best Craft Beers California Has to Offer

By The Bonnie Fig

The beautiful California landscape creates the perfect environment to create; whether you make art, music, or beer, it’s all better in California! Join us as we raise a glass to all the best California craft beers!

What are Craft Beers?

These are specialty beverages crafted by independent breweries, emphasizing traditional brewing techniques, premium ingredients, and unique flavors. These brewers distinguish themselves with smaller production scales compared to large commercial counterparts.

Craft Beer Movement in California 

California has played a pivotal role in the U.S. craft beer movement, boasting a vibrant community and a significant historical presence. The surge in popularity of craft beer in California during the late 20th century paralleled the nationwide growth of the movement.

The Best California Craft Beers 

Getting to know the best California beers and microbrews is an adventure almost as exciting as exploring this great state, so grab a frosty glass and dive into the details of the very best craft beers in California!

AleSmith Brewing

AleSmith, a standout Southern California brewery in San Diego, is celebrated for crafting some of the state's finest beers. Their tasting room adds to the fun atmosphere, ensuring the party never stops. Their classic San Diego Pale Ale .394. is a light yet hoppy beer with plenty of SoCal style!

Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing, based in Escondido, Ca has been crafting innovative brews for over two decades. Their most popular beer is their Arrogant Bastard Ale. This unique, nationally available craft beer is a bold and brash, full-flavored ale that flies in the face of traditional big brewers.

Knee Deep Brewing

In the scenic Northern California forest area, you'll find Auburn and Knee Deep Brewing Company. This microbrewery has been crafting local favorites for over a decade. Their Deep Haze Hazy IPA is a wonderfully juicy, hazy, and bright beer that tastes like NorCal sunshine!

Be sure to check out the full article to view the rest of the best California craft beers! Here's to exploring the endless possibilities and raising a glass to the talented brewers who continue to redefine the craft beer landscape in California – a state where the art of brewing truly comes to life.

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