There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes on a crisp, fall morning. This fluffy chocolate pancakes recipe possesses a bit of cinnamon and has been dressed up with a delicious and easy pear compote!

Why are these pancakes the best?

They are sooo fluffy and fun to eat. Also, they’re made with simple ingredients that you most likely already have on hand. The cocoa powder that I mixed into the pancake batter added the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness!

A combination of leavening agents like baking powder and baking soda with an acid such as sour cream. Another trick that helps get these nice and fluffy is whisking together your egg and sugar before adding in the other wet ingredients into the bowl.

What makes these pancakes so fluffy?

AP flour

Cocoa powder

Baking soda

Baking powder


Brown sugar


Dry ingredients:

Vanilla extract

Vegetable oil

1 Egg

Sour cream

Milk (can be plant-based)

Wet Ingredients:

1 pear Pinch of salt Dash of cinnamon Cornstarch Brown sugar Unsalted butter

Ingredients needed for optional pear compote:

Once you start to see air bubbles forming on top, that will be your cue to flip the pancake over. After you flip it, cook for about a minute then plate it. Serve with maple syrup, pear compote and crushed pecans.

How do you know when your pancakes are ready?

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