Something about the smell of crisp apples and warm spices sets the tone for welcoming all the fall baking and festivities! That’s what you’ll experience when you make these yummy apple cheesecake bars. The smells coming from your kitchen when baking these, will have your home feeling warm and cozy in no time!

These apple cheesecake bars with a buttery apple and pecan streusel are out of this world delicious!

What do these yummy layers consist of?

A buttery, graham cracker crust. The next layer is the creamy cheesecake layer. The third one is a layer of diced apples and pecans that have been tossed in sugar and apple pie spice. The fourth layer is my favorite, the streusel!

This recipe calls for using 2 apples. You can honestly use any 2 for this recipe. The most recent time around, I used Fuji apples. Peeling the apples before cubing them, is optional. I left the skin on mine.

Picking your apples

Cream cheese Vanilla extract Gran. sugar Sour cream 1 Egg 2 Apples Apple pie spice

Ingredients for filling & apple/pecan mix

Graham cracker sheets Unsalted butter Gran. sugar Apple pie spice Salt

Ingredients needed for graham cracker crust

Brown sugar AP flour Cold, unsalted butter Apple pie spice Salt

Ingredients needed for the streusel topping

Bake for 45 min. at 350°F. Let bars cool completely to room temperature. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before cutting and removing from baking dish.

Baking & chilling time

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