Save some money and make your own iced matcha latte at home with this simple recipe! This isn't just any matcha latte. This one features a delicious and easy-to-make raspberry cold foam.

Yes. For this, you'll want to use hot water when whisking your matcha powder. For the milk you'll want to steam it or simply warm it up in a small pot. Exclude serving over ice.

Can I make this as a hot matcha latte instead?

– Milk of choice – Water – Matcha powder – Heavy cream – Raspberry infused syrup See blog post for quantities.

Ingredient list

Using a handheld frother, combine cold or room temperature water and matcha powder. Set aside.

Step-by-step instructions

In a small cup, combine heavy cream and raspberry infused syrup with the same handheld frother.

Step-by-step instructions

Add milk of choice to a tall glass filled with ice. Pour matcha over the milk.

Step-by-step instructions

Top off with the raspberry cold foam. Sip and enjoy!

Step-by-step instructions

It is a caffeinated beverage that is made up of matcha green tea powder mixed with hot water and combined with steamed milk or other milk substitute. No need to steam milk if enjoying iced.

What is a matcha latte?

In the blog post, I've included a few options for keeping this beverage dairy free, low-sugar and low-calorie. These minor tweaks make it easy for everyone to enjoy this refreshing drink.


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