Make these easy and delicious but healthy peanut butter cups that have been sweetened with nature's candy, dates! Once you make these, you'll never want store-bought PB cups again!

Not only do dates add a natural sweetness to the PB cups, they add an amazing texture! I would compare it to being very caramel-like in nature. You'll notice it as soon as you bite into one!

– Dates, pitted – Peanut butter – Chocolate of choice for melting – Coconut oil See blog post for quantities.

Ingredient list

These PB cups can easily be made vegan by using a dairy-free chocolate. You could also use sugar-free chocolate or unsweetened chocolate if preferred. Consider using stevia or monk fruit sweetener if opting for an unsweetened option.


– Line 12-cup cupcake pan with cupcake liners. Set aside. – In a medium sized, microwave safe bowl, melt chocolate and coconut oil together. Microwave in 15-20 second increments. Stir chocolate after each set of 15-20 seconds.

Step-by-step instructions

– Scoop about a tbsp worth of melted chocolate into each cupcake liner. Place cupcake pan in freezer for about 5 minutes.  – Once removed from the freezer, spread a heaping teaspoon amount of peanut butter onto hardened chocolate.

Step-by-step instructions

– Place dates in a food processor and chop for a few seconds. Scoop about a teaspoon amount on top of peanut butter layer.

Step-by-step instructions

– Pour a tablespoon amount of melted chocolate over each cup, covering the chopped dates and peanut butter.  – Place cupcake pan in freezer again for 5-10 minutes. Finish with flaky sea salt. Gently remove peanut butter cup from cupcake liners. Enjoy!

Step-by-step instructions

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