These abuelita hot chocolate brownies are fudgy, a little spicy and will remind you of your childhood if you grew up drinking it in champurrado like I did.

What is abuelita hot chocolate?

Abuelita in Spanish translates to grandma in English. Abuelita is a popular brand of hot chocolate that comes in the shape of a solid disk. These tablets are flavored with cinnamon and sugar.

I added a bit of cayenne pepper to these brownies and wow! It added just the right amount of heat. It’s just enough to let you know that it’s there but not enough to discourage you from enjoying them.

These brownies have a little kick to them!

AP flour

Cocoa powder

Granulated sugar

Cayenne pepper


Dry ingredients:

Vanilla extract

Unsalted butter


Abuelita hot chocolate tablet, chopped

Wet Ingredients:

They can usually be found in the Hispanic foods section at your local market.

Where can I find abuelita hot chocolate tablets?

Let your brownies cool at room temperature for about 30 minutes. This will give them a moment to set, making them easier (and less messier) to cut. Finish with a bit of flaky salt.

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