Looking for an effortless appetizer that promises to steal the spotlight at any gathering?  Discover the ease of our baked feta recipe with honey and figs – a go-to solution for an uncomplicated yet impressive appetizer.

– Greek feta – Extra virgin olive oil – Fresh thyme sprigs – Honey – Figs See recipe card for quantities.

Ingredient list

1. Pre-heat oven to 400°F. Pat dry feta with a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture.  Place whole block of feta into your baking dish. Drizzle olive oil over the feta and brush with a pastry brush so that it's evenly coated.

Step-by-step instructions

2. ​Add in a few sprigs of thyme. Place baking dish on the bottom rack and bake at 400°F for 9 minutes. Once removed from the oven, feta should feel soft to the touch.

Step-by-step instructions

3. ​Next, you'll want to drizzle honey over the entire block of feta. There's no measurement for this. Measure with your heart!

Step-by-step instructions

4. Wash your figs, then cut them in half. Proceed to cut each half into thirds for a total of 6 slices per fig.  Layer figs over the honey and feta. Arrange a few slices in the baking dish as well.

Step-by-step instructions

5. Broil on high heat until the top starts to turn golden brown. This will take about 5 minutes. Your baked feta should look similar to this.

Step-by-step instructions

Your feta has now transformed into sweet and savory, spreadable feta.  Toast a few slices of your favorite crusty bread. Using a cheese spreader, spread a bit of the cheese and fig mixture over your bread, drizzle with a little more honey and enjoy!

Keep in mind that fresh figs are only available during certain times of the year. Look for them  during the months between May and November. This recipe is very adaptable so feel free to experiment with other seasonal fruits!

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